Friday, November 5, 2010

5.) The last chapter

September 3 2009 - she was dead when I came home - she had laid a total of 5 egg sacs .

October 19 /  2009 the babies started hatching . I had relocated some of the egg sacs to a building in town where there will be lights on at night to attract insects for food . I kept the first egg sac she produced along with the last two that I never thought would hatch .
The first picture I got was with the last of a batch hatching and one had its foot caught and needed help getting out .

They were tiny , they hatched at about 20 at a time - nothing for three days , then another 20 , nothing for three days - another 20 so about 60 total from one egg sac .

I caught one batch hatching and they were 'oozing' out of their sacs - then they would start spreading out .
They all hung around for a while , I wasn't sure how they were all going to eat but strangely after the last batch hatched they all scattered and I never saw them again .

It's been a while , some of them have probably laid eggs of their own now and I sometimes wonder how many of the babies survived ?

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